About Us

Founded in 2015, GPAUP is a peer-to-peer online used car dealer in Boston, Massachusetts.

We are here to define a new way for people to buy and sell their cars. What makes our company different lies in the fact that
we are an online platform designed to match buyers and sellers in a newer, more efficient, risk-free environment.

Sellers list their car once they pass our comprehensive 200-point inspection conducted by our in-house licensed inspectors.
After passing, the cars become GPAUP-certified and will instantly be available to buyers on our website. This creative new
system not only eliminates the hassle of buying and selling cars through a traditional dealer, but also guarantees a better price on both sides of the transaction.

The team currently is small and we are looking for young, creative, passionate people to work together and help change the
status quo in an out of date industry. So far GPAUP is on the track for a great, rapid expansion. Our goal is to create a perfect experience for our customers. Our team believes that a transparent, professional, friendly and inviting environment is vital to our success. Just as we treat to our customers, we treat our employees as a big family.

Meet the GPAUP Team

These are the people behind the scenes at GPAUP

Thomas Wang



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