Automotive Vehicle Inspector

The inspections focus on detecting damage, missing parts and mechanical issues. Inspections are performed in compliance with the GPAUP's inspection routine and guidelines. All inspections are performed using a mobile device equipped with proprietary inspection software 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities Used vehicle Inspection

    • Perform a thorough and accurate inspection of each vehicle’s condition.

    • Identify all damage, missing parts and mechanical problems while performing an inspection of the interior, exterior, trunk area, engine compartment and undercarriage of the vehicle.

    • Inspector must make objective decisions based on a defined set of inspection guidelines.

    • All findings will be recorded  using proprietary inspection system. Other tools to be used include digital camera, tread depth measuring gauge, etc.

    • Perform other related duties as requested including but not limited to locating and moving vehicles.

    Required Skills

    • Teamwork –Balances individual and team responsibilities.

    • Highly motivated – ambitious and open to working in a fast paced environment.

    • Attention to detail Looks for ways to improve and promote quality.

    • Good Communication Skills Both oral and written.

    • Advanced Computer Skills Knowledge of basic hardware, operating systems, software and overall functionality with a computer (i.e. email, media download/upload, internet, etc…)

    • Technical courses (i.e. ASE or ICAR) are preferred


Full-Stack Developer

We are seeking a full stack developer with awareness and appreciation for all technologies related to the web. We value a keen excitement for the potential and the pitfalls of internet and mobile based-solutions. The ideal candidate will be someone who is ready to take on the volatile nature of a start-up and and can handle a variety of front & back end issues he/she may come across. Deep expertise in JavaScript, CSS, and other web technologies will be essential.

Applicant should have:

- At least 2 years experience as a full stack web developer

- Knowledge of and experience using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript including several libraries and frameworks

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